In accordance with our standard of continuous improvement, we have the pleasure to inform you about the new version of the ACP BOSSONG 3.0 anchor design software.

The new version has been implemented with the following functions that make the design more flexible and complete:


The new version will contain German and French in addition to Italian and English.

Geometry of the fixture:

The SHAPE EDITOR has been implemented. This function makes possible to create the shape of the fixture, as well as standard geometries, through the coordinates of the fixture vertex and clearance holes, without any limitation on the maximum number of anchors.

Anchor filter:

The filter provides a selection of criteria for the anchors features. By using this tool, the software will show only the products with the Requirements specified by the user. It is possible to set the anchor filter for the following parameters:

type of anchor (Mechanical/Chemical), anchor family, type of steel, type of approval, clearance hole in the fixture, degree of utilization.

Design with lever arm:

The lever arm configuration has been improved with the possibility to select the value of the rotational restraint.

Fire design:

FIRE DESIGN option has been introduced in the new version. You can now select the fire resistance duration and the fire exposure sides according to EOTA TR020.

Seismic design:

The seismic design has been implemented by the option with requirements on the ductility of the anchors for the category C2.A message will inform users if updates are available.

The software interface displays a “real-time” three-dimensional graphic, for a more user-friendly approach, allowing to view immediately the changes in concrete geometry, metal plate and design loads. It is also possible to insert the data directly in the graphic model.

The anchor calculation is based on the design method at ULS (Ultimate Limit State) on concrete according to European Guide EOTA TR 029 for bonded anchors, EOTA ETAG-001 ANNEX C for mechanical anchors, EOTA TR 045 for seismic design and EOTA TR 020 for fire design.

For bonded anchors, user can input a specific setting depth or use the function “optimization depth”, in order to have the maximum exploitation of the anchor with the minimum needed of setting depth.

If you have the previous version 2.2.0 you can update the program to the version 3.0 by using the updating function. To obtain the version 3.0 you have to updated the software after the installation. If you prefer to install the ACP.exe file by the download from our web site, it is recommended to uninstall the previous versions before proceeding.

It is recommended always to upgrade the software if available.

The software need to have java installed in order to work.

Suitable for  Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

If you wish to receive the software fill in the fields below.