Company profile


Bossong S.p.A., a German company that passed under total Italian control in 1962, is one of the most qualified companies internationally in the production of fixing systems for the construction world.
Founded by Carl Bossong in Düsseldorf in the ‘40s, Bossong-Werk GmbH, as a specialist in the production of powder actuated tools and fastenings, the company subsequently extended its production completing it with the most modern solutions in the field of mechanical fastening and chemical anchoring with products approved CE-ETA.

Its Research & Development, notably implemented over the years, today constitutes one of the company’s flagship items, enabling the design of innovative solutions for both mechanical and chemical fixing systems, such as wall plugs, nails and resins etc.
Thanks to this know-how the company is always there for its clients, offering technical and design support in order to choose the most suitable fixing product for the type of application required, as well as in the installation phase, even designing a ‘made to measure’ system for specific or complex situations.

Today the plants have "Production Unit" of 5200 m2 of covered surface, including offices, production departments, equipment repair workshops, testing rooms and chemical laboratories. This is in addition to 1000 m2 of photovoltaic panels that can generate almost 200,000 kWh a year, providing approximately 140 kW of power.
For testing the majority of products, Bossong uses their own room equipped with modern equipment, periodically calibrated and subjected to controls to verify the precision of performance. "Logistic Unit" of 3300 m2 of surface including automatic warehouse, purchasing departmenr and exhibition room.

Bossong S.p.A. is certified by Intertek as per the International ISO 9001:2015 standard reffered to design, manufacturing and selling of fixing and strengthening systems for constructions and similar.