Bossong S.p.A is pleased to present its new plastic anchor JNS-PLUS, suitable for all construction materials.

This new plastic anchor is CE marked according to ETAG020, and is therefore equipped with ETA European Technical Assessment.

Below you will find the strengths points of our new JNS-PLUS plastic anchor:

  • Use on all construction materials, with ETA certification for the following materials: Cracked and non-cracked concrete, solid masonry, perforated masonry; tuff and lightened concrete (AAC).
  • Diameter 8mm and 10mm;
  • The diffused radial and localized expansion allows to obtain high mechanical performances on every type of material;
  • Fire resistance R90 for diameter 10mm;
  • Carbon steel screw class 5.8 or A4-70 stainless steel;
  • Quick and easy installation.

The possibility of making fastenings on such a wide variety of materials make the JNS-PLUS plastic anchor suitable for different types of application.

The most common applications for which the anchor is used are, for example, the laying or fixing of the following elements:

  • Continuous façades;
  • Window Frames;
  • Installations;
  • Gates or doors;
  • Insulation systems;
  • Wood elements and coatings.

The JNS-PLUS plastic anchor is available in 5 different versions:

  • JNS-PLUS: galvanized steel screw and countersunk head;
  • JNS-PLUS TE: galvanized steel screw and hexagonal head;
  • JNS-PLUS TX: galvanized steel screw and rounded head;
  • JNS-PLUS X4: stainless steel A4 screw and countersunk head;
  • JNS-PLUS TE X4: stainless steel A4 screw and hexagonal head;
Data di riferimento: 
Friday, 26 January, 2018 - 10:45