V PLUS WINTER vinylester resin styrenfree ETA-CE

Bossong heavy-duty bi-component vinylester styrenefree resin for use in different base materials as concrete, solid masonry, hollow bricks masonry and wood.
Special formulation for application in winter season up to -20°C of ambient temperature.

Fast curing time for low temperature.

ETA-09/0140 Option 7 from M8 to M24 for non-cracked concrete and OPTION 1 FOR INSTALLATION IN CRACKED CONCRETE with rods from M10 to M20. It is certified for fixing with variable anchorage depths.

ETA-09/0246 Rebar (diameter from 8mm to 32mm) for post installed rebar connections in reinforced concrete. Reduction of minimum embedment depth for the realization of post installed rebar connections.

Due to the absence of styrene (no strong smell) the use is possible also in closed places.
Thixotropic consistency.
The resin, due to its strong adhesion value and the ease with which it penetrates holes and hollow areas, permits secure fixing without expansion and so without stresses in the base material.
It does not need premixing, the resin and hardener are only mixed during extrusion in the special mixer.
It can also be used for repair and refilling.

Certified service temperatures are in the ranges:
-40°C/+40°C (T° max long period = 24°C)
-40°C/+80°C (T° max long period = 50°C)
-40°C/+120°C (T° max long period = 72°C).

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Tuesday, 16 September, 2014 - 14:15